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West Adams Prep made history as the city's first Partner School when it opened its doors to 2200 students in September 2007. MLA Partner Schools and LAUSD came together in an unprecedented collaboration to create this visionary school now serving an entire South Los Angeles neighborhood with the highest quality education.

The vision for West Adams Prep was developed and refined over many months before the school's construction finished. Special attention was placed on understanding the needs of the community situated around the school so that West Adams could be, in fact, a "neighborhood school."

Because the principal of West Adams was appointed early on, the leadership team was able to build consensus among key community stakeholders around the school's design, attributes and culture. MLA facilitated a process of community engagement that was democratic and comprehensive. Through a combination of community meetings, visits to surrounding schools and select one-on-one meetings, neighborhood stakeholders were given the opportunity to ask questions, discuss a variety of school components and indicate preferences through formal voting.

The name "West Adams Preparatory High School" was finally selected after weigh-in from almost 400 community stakeholders. Through dozens of community meetings, other primary attributes of the school were also decided upon such as the school's mascot, colors, crest, small-school names, and many school-wide policies (e.g., regarding school uniforms).

West Adams Prep features six small schools, each with its own collegiate style theme, where students enjoy intensive study within a focused program as well as closer relationships with teachers and students. In addition, students receive all the advantages of a large comprehensive high school including a wide variety of classes, sports, clubs and activities, and state of the art facilities.

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School Info
Year joined MLA 2007
Year founded 2007
API 523
Attendance rate 91%
Schedule Traditional
Student Population
Enrollment 2675
English Learner 40%
Special Ed 9.6%
F/R Lunch 76%
Academic Progress
Math proficient 2%
ELA proficient 16%
CAHSEE pass ELA/Math* 56.5%/53.9%
Graduation rate N/A
Students completing A-G N/A
College enrollment N/A
*10th grade