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Transforming Education with...
04/16/08:Transforming Education with David Brewer …
Career Day at Fox
06/12/2006: Career Day at Fox …
Bourne Ultimatum Premiere
07/25/2007: Premiere of Bourne Ultimatum …
Sep 22, 2008 - The Ladder
A New School Approach to Education

Driving down the street, you would have to be blind to miss it. It's massive, lime green, and draws curious glances. Brightly colored, with a striking and contemporary architectural design and logo,... More

Jun 23, 2008 - The Hollywood Reporter
Megan, Peter Chernin celebrate $4 million grant Donated by Amgen to Mentor Los Angeles

Megan and Peter Chernin held a celebration dinner Sunday night in Beverly Hills, celebrating the biotech firm Amgen's $4 million dollar grant to Mentor Los Angeles Partner Schools.The evening was... More