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Mission and Vision

LA’s Promise, a nonprofit organization, is working to radically shift the education, health and social outcomes for thousands of youth in one South Los Angeles community. This will accomplish a "neighborhood turnaround" in an area we call LA's Promise Neighborhood.

LA's Promise Neighborhood is an enrollment zone that includes two large South LA high schools and one middle school operated by LA’s Promise on a first-of-its- kind performance contract with LAUSD. Within this zone, LA’s Promise transforms chronically failing public schools, opens new schools and remakes schools into community hubs that offer comprehensive support services for students and families. By doing this, LA’s Promise will prepare every child in LA’s Promise Neighborhood to be college-ready, healthy and successful in life. LA’s Promise also screens and manages more than 50 partners who support these school communities by providing over 200 wraparound services.

Over the coming years, LA’s Promise will adopt feeder schools to build a K-12 educational pipeline serving over 20,000 children. LA’s Promise will also open charter schools to relieve overcrowding that results from increased retention at the flagship high schools and to serve the most academically disadvantaged students of LA’s Promise Neighborhood.

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