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The model practiced by LA's Promise Partner Schools promises significant returns on each philanthropic investment. The traditional approach to supporting public schools is either hands off (financial or human capital is provided, and schools are left to manage the allocation) or non-existent (capital bypasses schools in favor of supporting direct-service interventions conducted by outside organizations). In both these situations, efficiency and accountability are typically absent.

LA's Promise works with schools to manage resources efficiently, equitably, and with a mindset of accountability. These resources include private sector dollars, the community partners that support LA's Promise schools, and the millions of public sector dollars that flow from the state and federal governments.

LA's Promise’s return on investment argument has three components:

1.    Every dollar donated to LA's Promise translates into significantly more dollars at the school site. Your donation not only fills vital gaps in services, but leverages a smarter, more efficient allocation of public money as well.

2.    Every dollar donated to LA's Promise is managed for maximum impact. LA's Promise’s focus on equity insures that all students and families in our school community are benefited.

3.    Each dollar California invests to get students into and through college translates into three dollars for the California economy—an amount that translates to $3 billion additional revenue to California over the lifetime of the current college-aged cohort.

Invest in LA's Promise Partner Schools and see your investment grow.

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The school Report Card is an annual summary of a school's performance. Each report goes beyond test scores and emphasizes both a school's performance and its progress.

The four-page pamphlet is mailed directly to LAUSD parents in January of each year. It provides key information about school performance in an effort to create a culture of transparency and accountability around the school system. It is also designed to serve as a starting point for informed conversations among school personnel, families, and communities.

Examples of report card measures include:
  • Graduation rate for the school
  • Rates for completion of required college courses at the school, such as A-G courses
  • Progress of children who are learning English toward becoming more fluent in English
  • Percentage of students improving on all the key state tests
  • Staff and student attendance

Download Manual Arts Report Card
Download West Adams Prep Report Card


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