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Questions that drive the Partner School model
  • How do you create schools that better serve the needs of their communities?
  • How do you accomplish charter-like innovations at non-charter public schools?
  • How do you create a reform model that is scalable to other public schools?
  • How do you better utilize the support, resources and opportunities of the private sector?
LA's Promise Paradigm Shift

In the traditional approach to supporting non-charter public schools, the private sector is an outsider, offering assistance, support and financial resources, but it cannot leverage change because it does not share decision-making authority or accountability for outcomes. LA's Promise calls this traditional approach to reform the "coaching model."

LA's Promise shift to this paradigm is to become an insider, collaborating in the management of the school. LA's Promise shares decision-making authority, is publicly accountable for outcomes, and can therefore leverage change (i.e., the "Partner School" model).

The Partner School Model

The Partner School Model combines attributes of traditional public schools and charter or private schools; legacy public schools are transformed to offer charter-like innovations. These “hybrid schools” are uniquely positioned to offer a more rounded and fulfilling educational experience and service the needs of an entire community.